Pyres of Lamentation (2016)


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    Our second full length cd released by Eat Metal Records on December 16, 2016.

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released December 16, 2016



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LITANY Athens, Greece

Litany crew is:


Done so far:

•(October 2011): Promo containing 3 songs.
•(May 2008): debut full-length album from E.M.R entitled “Aphesis: The Sapience of Dying”
•(2004): a 7 inch single containing two songs
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Track Name: Niobe
She boasted about her seeds o’ fairness
That filled the bottle of her life’s pride and consciousness
Seven sons and seven daughters her doughty heritage
Blessed under a royal veil covering all her needs

She decreed: “I am bonifate! Much more blessed as Leto is!
Tantalus daughter hail! I am divine!”
Her delirium forced Leto to incite Apollo
And Artemis to rage and vengeable wrath

“Shine on and kill, with all your might
Die is her children dew, mourning tears her price
Make her see all ‘em dead, doom her to wail
Therewithal un-ended pain to jar upon her life”

Artemis slew the females and Apollo chas’d the males
Upon the Mount Kynthus they all tasted his arrows’ nails
Ismenos the first-born fell lifeless with an arrow from above
Eft-soon time came for a’ to be at death’s door
(And then they finally died)

Niobe now’s bairnless, rich-less with an umbrageous heart
Nothin’ can ease her pain, she’s been torn a-part
Her arrogance and stoutness against god’s omnipotence
Alas! Lo and behold! Her voiceless woe

Crimson procession baited her eyes
Dead slain bodies all around, ghastly doom her price
She wept for days, (a fin) was turned into a stone
That sheds tears on and on upon the Mont Sipylon

Crimson parade baited her eyes
Dead slain bodies all around, grisly doom her price
She wept for days, (a fin) was turned into a stone
That sheds tears on and on upon the Mont Sipylon

Track Name: Firewaters
I pain me for I am sinner
I’m cast into the nether realm
An’ with one gesture I my soul shrew
To wander along the flammeous stream

Me must suffer the judges’ sentence
Me must call upon my victims
So that I’ll receive forgiveness
And to acquire mercy

Flum o’ fire
Seethes with ooze and water
Its torrents clipped m’ in
My torment might come t’ an end

Acc I caun’t bee reless’d
Mi boone nile bee ‘hyerd
Wo! I’ll b’ erryd vor ‘on yeer mo
On-till obteine merci

Plutonian peccables moan in a din of scathe-fire
Their orison feed the river with pain
Abysmal echoes escry fo’ remission
In Phlefeton
In Phlegeton

Fire waters

But I can’t be released
My boon won’t be heard
Woe! I’ll be wand’ring for one year mo’
Until obtain mercy
Track Name: Rites of Passage
The trench of youngling
Through unseen eyes
Young stout lads are treading

In furnace they flood
T’ absterse their soul
So purity t’ obsign
A new life chapter

A-nothir chaptre

Horns that spill blood
Upon painted walls
Not but an occult token

Young athels dance
Solemn romance
Ceremony o’er speechless woe

The rites of passage
The rites of passage
The rites of doom
A generation calls upon you

Amaranthine earth restores the message
Anguishous Zephyrus inclines his visage
Benign nature that knows no mercy
Unspeakable doom shall rush upon, so let it be


The rites of passage
The rites of passage
The rites of doom
A generation calls upon you
Track Name: Psykhe
Ador’d bi hir bwety piereles
Object o’ dep admiracioun
Drouthy eghne apon hir
Yearnin’ uor hir domynacioun

Her countenance exalted
Great fame procreation
Her virtues of great disport
Arousing citizens’ procession

Bot godes Aphrodite
Cou’dna ese hir yrritasioun
Che shan’t shar’ hir magti glore
Che shan’t brwk vague adoracioun

Eros the voluptuous
Shall perform his mother service
She wove the very tale
She spoke of wishes veng’ful

(Meanwhile) Psykhe weeps for her lonesomeness
Loathes her beauty (while) the world belauds
She’ll be renounced on a lofty Mount-rock
She shall betroth “Death” him-self

(Meanwhile) Psykhe weeps for her lonesomeness
Abhors her beauty (while) the world belauds
She’ll be renounced on a lofty Mount-rock
She shall betroth “Death” him-self

The ceremony of a joyous bridal
Tailed ‘way into a torch-lit exequy
Th’ attended crowd felt the wretchedness
Of this living lich, now a lachrymose princess
Track Name: Abjuration
O thow, wha swynkest vor monkynne’s weal
Tel me prithee whaut brac the seal
And howe bi hit thou belaudest theself
Sobeit thi folc still laden thie wyth pelf

Have thou heard about the sky secret gates?
Are still ajar? Or else, for aye they’ll be lost
And earthly creatures somewhither shall betake
In dusk-angels’ hall, belike, in their ache

For why hir contemplacioun o’ futurity rillth
Lento a’ noght amaign, sobeit hir Lege wenth
Th’t terraqueous wyndys ‘nd eiris schal ablaw alee
Uorr the dorc abloom burkth the gladsom glee

Alack! If thou foreshowest thy mankind’s doom
Alack! If thou betakest in gatherin’ gloom
For twinging sha’ long for thy loyalty’s sake
Like fowls in their cage who canna escape

And the Dawn in woe
From Earth shall go
In rathe space deep
For sempiternal sleep

“Farwel!” Spake to me
“Nyltow lyst hwat thou’lst se
Folwe me in mi dei fliht
And abscind fr’m Hym, mi soote deliht”

Thou! Loyal servant of th’ auriferous day
Thou spreadest thy wings to steer thyself astray
Thyself away

Wherefore snowy Fate with frozen and thinly dispersed eyes
Uncoils the clew of nascent lives with wiles crooked
Wicked sleight
Track Name: Bellerophon's Doom
Hobbling o’er the dark clad lands of sorrow
Great hero whilom, now’s a ribald without morrow
To th’ other side fell I, calcined down whence I thought
Alas! Ere ‘twas glory, but Moirae nailed me to abide

Boreas raises my soul to rise up to the liege Sol
Unto death to fly, wond’red toward Lethe to fall
Banished, exiled unto water flitting to and fro
Plashless unfold my wings, and let ‘em slowly die

Tis renewed, but gave me a far well
O, a soulless (living) body, what tales to tell?
My mournful mind’s storming my thought
To whom I pay, to whom I ought

Olympians did rejoice, boast did lament
Thy craft was defied, mans’ life was dispended
Th’ earth reflects an old man’s guilt
Thrall of thy deed, not what had he wished

Ay! Quoth I “what pride thou beholdst?”
Eft soon my spirit thine empty hands shall hold
Notion’s on life though a victor o’er thee
Free folk, full energy’s what I do see

Or in Olympus, or on earth and sea
I will rule in a world of worlds
Gracious sovereign, to time’s Telos
(My) Season of sapience
Track Name: The Curse
We honour your name
With flesh and blood
Our souls are ready
For you my lord

Divine damnation
Idol of wrath
For him who consumes
The human heart

Keeper, enlightener, bless us all
Father, saviour of our cursed souls
Watcher, redeemer, wanderer, Lycaeus is your name

Wolf eyes like dark lights
Ten years of sin
Flesh quest and bloodlust
Haunted in me

Betray my own kind
Creep among the beasts
Dark woods to dwell in
Dark lie my dreams

Keeper, enlightener, bless us all
Father, saviour of our cursed souls
Watcher, redeemer, wanderer, Lycaeus is your name

On the darkest nights I’m lurking at your trail
I can smell and savour the air of your breath
But if I choose not to feast on human flesh
Maybe god will grant me “Life of Man” again

Liar, deceiver, cursed us all
Ungracious, abhorrent, tempter of our souls
Merciless, wicked, slanderer, Lycaeus was your name
Track Name: The Lowest Form of Evil Subtlety
Thou engendered science to attain the highest goal
Thus to reach godhood
Thou usest it for our own bliss?
Thou usest it for thine own bliss?

Palladian man thou parted virtue from gnosis
Ill form of sapiences
Shambolic doings and self-interest
Fiercely adverse to righteousness

Thou dost not care, deception advances e’er longer the more
All for humanity
Malengine, false notion and ill-sageness
Sapience turned to doubleness

Thou dost heed not if thou disfigurest cognizance
Mathesis misprision
Thou used it for thine own thrift
Thou used it for thine own thrift

Lo! The lowest form of evil subtlety
Thou shouldest believe it, treachery and deceit

Lo! The lowest form of evil stratagem
Of soul malicious, fraud and deceit

Mathesis seditious, fallacy on loft
Track Name: Furies
Come forth ye night-born sisters
Sable-clad queens o’ genitals blood

Doom laden maidens, mind freebooters
Snaky-haired virgins, venomous flood
Hearken to our boon, to our rite incline
Rein your ire back and cease your wrath
Doom laden maidens, bereavers of minds
Inhabitants of Erebos emerge
Hear our prayer and solemn request
Appease your ire and cease from wrath

Ghostly figures quick as the mind
Swift and unseen one of a kind
Tartarian daughters mutely approach
The rite to rejoice not to encroach

Off they flew the stygian furies
Just as an arrow shaped to jow
The Dike’s eye to brusque scoundrels
Whose deeds sprinkle out of th’ unjust flow
Abominable and black, dwellers of dark
Dance to the melody in solemn mode
Sagacious, grave and sad, though joyous and blithe
Erynies in a merry procession

Amaranthine, sharp as the mind
Aerial, one of a kind
Daughters of Nyx quietly approach
The rite to add grace not to encroach

Mightily called Eumenides
Track Name: Spaces
Kinesis eternal, dance harmonious
Circular flot’ring gives birth to sirenic cries
Celestial bodies fast by the sun give low tunes
While the distant spheres deliver high sounds
All blended – Harmony

Th’ entire Heavens
A musical scale ‘nd a number
Music’s soul-catharsis
And soul’s the meddling of opposites

Soniferous stars one with us
Their immense sound in our ears from birth

Enormous sound in our ears from birth
Sound and silence, indistinguishable


Kinesis eterne, dance harmonious
Music’s present a-spacing of the spheres

The matter of stars, remind us who we are
The symphony o’ Cosmos, polyphony
Psalms universal on our senses and emotions
Shall aid our souls to (re)gain tis dignity and tru(e) estate